1979 MG Midget

Since I first saw a picture of my father’s Austin Healey Sprite, I always wanted an English two-seater. 2 years ago I bought a MG Midget that was a “10 footer.” I decided to make it a project and bring back the car to its former self. While having my engine work done at the machine shop I asked about restoration shops. He gave me Netcong Auto Restorations as a referral as he was doing some work for them.

I drove up and talked to Phillip and Hal. I got an estimate and decided I would strip the car down myself and have it delivered to be blasted, metal work done, and then painted. Hal and the crew did a great job replacing the rusted outside metal and repairing previous damage found that turned out to be a little more than anticipated.

The car was painted a beautiful older British Racing Green, giving a more classic look than the 70s type green it was painted in. The car is almost complete now as I have rebuilt the suspension, replaced the carpet, and cleaned every bit that went back in including rewrapping the wire looms. Now she just needs the engine dropped in.

Good timing as the weather should be getting nicer soon. The car looks like she came off the production line back in the 70s, but with nicer paint!

Thanks again for the work to bring back another MG to be road and show ready.

– George R. Bickering, Bridgewater, NJ